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It sure feels like the world had been thrown upside down over the past few weeks.  With the stock market dropping, schools closing, and tons of conflicting information it's only natural to be worried about what's going on with your company's valuation and eventual M&A prospects.  

We haven't been through *exactly* this scenario before, but we have gone through other downturns.  Dan draws on his experience in M&A and valuations during the 2008 financial crisis to bring context to the current environment.  He also hits on some very actionable points that all companies should be doing right now.  

ORIGINAL SESSION: March 19th, 2020

SPEAKER: Dan Doran is the Founder @ Quantive and the 2019 Exit Planner of the Year.  He speaks frequently about issues at the confluence of M&A and Valuations, with an eye towards more deliberate value creation strategies.  

Topics Covered

  • A Call to Action for Leaders
  • Insights on Current M&A Environment and Valuations
  • Playbooks: What to do if you are on the market?  About to go? 
  • 4 Actions Every Business Should Take Right Now

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